Surface Logging Geolog


Surface Logging Geolog Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Puncak Jaya Petroleum Sdn Bhd.

GEOLOG is a leading global oilfield services company that provides surface logging services to a substantial and diversified upstream oil and gas client base.

GEOLOG’s services cover four main areas to support clients during well construction:
• Drilling Safety and Efficiency
• Geological Services
• Reservoir and Source Rock Characterization
• Real-Time Data Transmission

GEOLOG focuses on those markets where its leadership in highly complex drilling projects is required and recognized. These projects typically include deep-water, deep-onshore and horizontal drilling with extended reach as well as compartmental reservoir. In particular, GEOLOG is a now a world leader in gas detection and gas extraction from drilling mud thanks to its quantitative G8 (DualFidStar) gas analysis service.

GEOLOG’s surface logging services provide data which is critical for the drilling, geology and reservoir group of clients. Some of this key information is used to evaluate the well in terms of hydrocarbon ratios, pressure balances and relative positions of its lithological layers. GEOLOG’s services also provide early warning on dangers to ensure well safety and to prevent formation damages for optimum data acquisition and field productivity.



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