Located in Indonesia, Puncak Jaya is the highest mountain in the Pacific Basin and indisputably the highest point between Himalayas and Andes. Puncak mean Peak in English and 'Jaya' means victory is a reflection of our business and culture to reach Peak performance and glorious achievement in whatever we do.

Puncak Jaya Mountain: A symbol of our pride

Services & Products


We at Puncak Jaya Petroleum (PJP) have our technical expertise which competent to deliver Total Quality Assurance across the entire oil and gas supply chain – from testing, inspection and certification to consulting, technical, engineering and related services in all industries including oil & gas and petrochemical industries for onshore, refineries and offshore with our competent and certify manpower. Check on our experiences of services for further details.

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Puncak Jaya Petroleum (PJP) is the leading major product and equipment supplier of various high quality principals to assist your operations in all aspect. PJP also covered all aspect in terms of delivery, comissioning, services and installation of all items and major equipments with the competent prices and fast delivery to your constructions operations in accordance defined specification and details. Check on our list of products for further details.

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